One of the best decisions I made when I took the building manager position was to hire DirtBusters. They have done an excellent job cleaning the building. But one of the most important things to me is the peace of mind I have with their crew. We had one of our employee’s leave his check book with 800 dollars inside when the DirtBusters crew member found the check book it was returned with all the money. It would have been easy for that person to take the money and run but didn’t.

I would highly recommend DirtBusters.

Isaac Mead

Occupational & Environmental Health, PLLC

Please be advised I am very pleased with the cleaning service my office has received since we have contracted with DirtBusters. Your staff has been very reliable and attentive in the cleaning of our office, better than any service I have had in the past. The service we have been receiving has been outstanding and I highly recommend Dirtbusters to anyone who is looking to hire a janitorial service. I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Marsha Lee Bailey, MD, MPH, FACOEM

Marshall University - Recreation Center

I am quite pleased to be able to inform you of my overwhelming satisfaction with DirtBusters Janitorial Services and the commitment that you and your employees have shown towards elevating the standards of cleanliness within out facility. In our three years operation, Marshall Recreation Center has never been as clean and well cared for as it has in the past several months with DirtBusters. Your company has been able to provide results substantially superior, on all levels, to what previous service provider was producing. Your willingness to take on the challenges of our building and make the necessary adaptions to meet the needs of this specialty facility has produced results that I didn’t think were possible with an outside janitorial service provider. I am pleased to be able to provide my staff with a facility they can be proud of and provide our patrons with the clean and comfortable building that they deserve. I attribute this to you and your amazing staff and I look forward to continued success in our relationship and would recommend DirtBusters to anyone seeking janitorial services for their facilities.

Keith Hernstrom, Assistant Director
Marshall University Campus Recreation, Facilities and Operations

Marshall University - First Year Residence Halls

As the General Manager for two fairly new 782 bed student residence halls, the impression we make to prospective students and families and the services we provide to our residents are of utmost importance. After several frustrating years with a previous service provider that presented constant challenges and issues, we make the tough decision to look up other options. From the time I first met with your staff, through present day in our working relationship, I cannot express enough the difference DirtBusters has made in our halls.

Though there has been a learning curve on both sides, from day one, I feel like you and your staff have sought to understand our expectations and needs, as well as constantly evaluate where we are in providing the services we both desire. When issues or concerns have arisen, I have been pleased on how attentive your staff has been to addressing them, making necessary adjustments as well as making suggestions on how we can maximize the services Dirtbusters provides. Since DirtBusters has been working within the buildings there has been not only a notable difference in coverage, but most importantly the cleanliness and presentation.

In regards to staffing, I have been consistently impressed by the level of professionalism DirtBusters displays and presence your staff has in the buildings from a supervisory standpoint. With our previous service provider we did not see the supervisor often and had to chase him down when there were problems or concerns to be addressed. Not only do we have weekly walk through with Heidi, it is not uncommon to see or have contact with other members of your leadership team on a regular basis. It was very telling to me to read the satisfaction survey from our residents this past year, which reflected not only drastically higher satisfaction scores in cleanliness but 99% of the open-ended comments residents made were positive responses to the job done and the staffing of the First Year Residence Halls by DirtBusters.

Looking back, I can say with great confidence the change to DirtBusters has been a positive one in many aspects as mentioned above. I appreciate the ease of our working relationship and that my staff members are able to focus on their respective roles instead of being tied up in addressing constant issues as was the case previously. Most of all, I love walking into the building and see the actual physical differences the “DirtBusters way” has made in the condition and appearance of our facilities. I look forward to a continued positive and proactive working relationship with you for hopefully many years in the future!

Kristin L. Smith, General Manager
Marshall University, First Year Residence Halls

Mountwest Community & Technical College

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for DirtBusters Janitorial Services, Inc. Mountwest Community & Technical College solicited services from various vendors prior to occupancy of the new facility to assist with construction and relocation clean-up; DirtBusters yielded the best cost. In as much, the College elected, due to timing of the relocation and transition to the new campus within weeks of the beginning of the fall semester, to extend a temporary contract to DirtBusters to service the janitorial needs of the campus as well as off-campus sites. Their service provided by management as well as support staff was excellent; attentive to detail, accountable for services performed, efficient, and reliable.

I, and on behalf of my colleagues at Mountwest Community and Technical College, have no hesitation in recommending the services of DirtBusters, and am looking forward to the continued relationship. Please feel free to contact me regarding recommendation if required.

Angela D. Bradshaw, Director of Purchasing

C.I. Thornburg Co.

I just wanted to send you and your team at DirtBusters a quick note to let you know how pleased we are to have contacted with DirtBusters. We have undergone a major renovation and are very proud of our facility. It is comforting to be able to share that pride with a company like DirtBusters. It is such a nice feeling to walk into our facility every morning and see a clean, gleaming office that more than meets our expectations.

Your staff has been excellent to work with. They are attentive and reliable. Heidi has been more than accommodating to adapt to meet our needs as changes arise. It was definitely a great decision to go with DirtBusters.

We would highly recommend DirtBusters to any company looking for janitorial services. Partnering with DirtBusters was an excellent decision for C.I. Thornburg.

Mary Beth Anderson, General Manager